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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ors shouldn't be surprised at all. >> the county plan is based on the mavar plan t says specifically, if it is not used as a site should be used for recreational or ball field use. >> reporter: nick and the neighbors say they will keep fighting but according to county, soccer here is a done deal. in montgomery county, beth parker, fox 5 news. 5:00 right now on this thursday morning. we'll put the capitol dome right in the center of the screen for you. welcome to september. it is the 1st of the month, 2011. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. before we get to weather we'll talk about schools again. >> some good news in southern maryland today. the schools are all open once again. the students in calvert and st. mary's county schools will return to class on time. in prince george's county, glenarden woods elementary, the only school without full power and we should get an announcement on that by 6:30
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this morning. anne arundel county still has seven schools closed because of no power and you can see that list on >> there is your schools update. let's get the weather update from tucker barnes. >> conditions are ideal out there. it should be another beautiful day. we are expecting sunshine for a good portion of it and temperatures in the mid-80s. let's get to some numbers and take a look. the hot spot reagan national at 68 degrees. lots of very comfortable temperature across the region. baltimore, 60. win chester, 63-degree. fredericksburg, 61 -- winchester, 63 degrees. a few clouds moving through. a few more clouds today than yesterday. how about if we go with a mix of sun and clouds.
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could be a sprinkle. the -- we'll have one more nice one. 89 with sunshine. should be dry. >> let's check in with julie wright to see how the roadways are looking this morning. hopefully perfect but they never are, are they? >> in the beginning. thing dos change though. right now, 270 coming in out of germantown leaving middle brook road, all of our lanes are open. police activity should now be cleared. you will find if you are traveling northbound i-95, you are at speed here leaving woodbridge for the occoquan. the pace is good on the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making head line this morning, an aruban judge decided to keep the gaithersburg man in the
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presumed death of his travel companion locked up for 06 more days. gary giordano and robyn gardner went to aruba. he maintains she disappeared while they were snorkeling. her body has never been found. prosecutors have said his story has been inconsistent. so far, he has not been charged. to an alleged case of road rage a silver spring man says he was assaulted by a driver who police say followed him, rammed into his car and attacked him with live downed power lines. this happened near the intersection of brewster and worth avenue on sunday. the suspect, richard bmplet ialzac -- bialzac is a d.c. lawyer. police a alcohol played a role in this. -- police say alcohol played a role in this. an increase in venomous
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snake bites in maryland has some wondering if mother nature is to blame for it. thee people in montgomery county are recovering after being bit by copper head snakes. while there isn't any concrete snake that the recent veepts forced the snake from the ground, doctors say it is a possible. there are only two venomous snakes found in maryland, the copper head and the timber rattlesnake. we are learning more about the death of a local college football player. derek sheeley will be laid to rest today. he collapsed on august 22nd and pass wade sunday. we are now hearing there was some sort of helmet to helmet collision with another player. frostburg state officials say they are waiting for medical professionals to tell them exactly what caused derek's injury. they say the team's helmets were selected based on a study by virginia tech and are
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supposed to be the best in the business. president obama agreeing to wait a day later than he want to announce his plan to jump start the economy. his long-awaited speech now planned for september 8th of a request from the speaker of the house. sherry ly has more on the fallout. >> reporter: good morning. president obama raised the stakes by requesting this joint session of congress to deliver his jobs speech. the last time he did this was to rescue his health care bill. but the debate now hasn't been about what he will say but when he will say it. the president had wanted to announce his economic rescue plans on september 7th. it is supposed to be about creating jobs. but the date happened to be the same as a long-scheduled republican presidential debate and is a chance to rain on the gop par he had. house speaker john boehner urged the president to move the speech to the next night, september 8th. oh, boy the way, that is the
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opening night for the nfl season. negotiation went back and forth but the president agreed to change the date. he is now working on a time that won't conflict with the football game. on fox 5 news at 10:00 last night it was suggested this looks like petty politics. >> if you are really thinking about the future of the united states economy if you are unemployed or part-time or trying to find a full-time job are you real lip interested in republicans and democrats not fighting over this but the date of its announcement. >> reporter: the white house insists this has always been about the economy and not about politics. in a statement, white house press secretary said the president is focused on you rememberrent need to create jobs and grow our economy so he welcomes the opportunity to address a joint session of congress on thursday, september 8th. that is the latest here on capitol hill.
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back to you. >> thank you. the music world says good- bye to a woman who helped build a legendary record label. that is coming up next. also, the united nations getting a firsthand look at the famine crisis in somalia. the latest on the desperate mission to get food to the hungry coming up.
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rivers in the northeast and new england finally receding in the wake of hurricane irene. towns in vermont that have been cut off for days finally getting help. president obama will visit new jersey to see the damage caused by the pass sake river. here in our region, people are without power still. maryland and u.s. flags will be lowered to honor a soldier from ball who was killed while serving in afghanistan. governor martin o'malley has order the flag be flown at half-
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staff today in memory of jameel t. freeman. united nations officials are in somalia to get a firsthand look at the crisis going on there. the u.n.'s high commissioner for refugees spoke saying millions of people will die of starvation if more is not down to help. he says the international community must step up to protect the refugees and those who stay in somalia. more than 29,000 children under the age of five have died in the past three months alone. hundreds of people showed up to say their final good-byes to esther gordy edwards. she is the sister of barry gordy. she is credited with helping build the company and creating the motown museum in detroit.
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coming up next, why a world reknowned poet is upset about an indescription on the martin luther king memorial. >> does it make dr. king look arrogant? >> stay with us.
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after 23 years an over 9,000 perform'ss with the phantom of the opera, saturday will be george lee andrews' last show. he currently plays the role of monsieur andre. he is being replaced by his son-
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in-law. >> and by the way thank you for all the ask the weather guy questions. we've goten a lot of them. it will be beautiful again today. low to mid-80s. just kind of like yesterday and the day before. nice weather pattern. >> let's keep it going. >> one more day of it. let's start with a look at our numbers. right now at reagan national, we are down to 67. >> a little chilly. >> 65 in annapolis. 62 in quantico. 50s popping up in gaithersburg at 57 degrees. 61 at fredericksburg. another nice day. it will be another very quiet day. we will have a few more cloud in the forecast than yesterday as we've got a little bit of storminess here off to the north and west. we're quiet right now.
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a few clouds off to the south and east. we will see a few clouds passing through from time to time today as we've got a little bit of energy here. there it goes off to our north and to our west. it is possible, if you are watching well off to the west in west virginia, western maryland. you might see a few of these sprinkles and showers later this afternoon and tonight. i think the rest of the us here in washington, we'll be just fine. want to take you to the south -- no, won't take you to the south. that went very wrong. we have a new system watching south of new orleans for possible development. the national hurricane service thinking that may be developing into a tropical depression. i'll show you that map the next time around. huge stays on the low side. it will start to increase later tomorrow. later tonight, could be a sprinkle here. could be a shower out west. again, not a big deal. 66 your overnight low with winds oust south at five miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. let's talk weekend. 85 tomorrow. should be absolutely perfect.
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saturday, sunday and monday, a scattered and/or isolated risk of a thunderstorm. you know the routine in the summertime. most of the day will be dry. late in the day, we could spark off i alate-day storm. just be ready for it. i think we will be dry if you have outdoor plans, barbecues things like that. >> are you having a barbecue? >> it is my birthday julie on monday. >> is that a hint? >> i don't know what i'm doing. i. >> do you have power yet? >> i got it yesterday. really happy about that. >> the pear is at your house. we'll all bring food since your food expired over the weekend. >> yes it did. you will find the beltway running with ease as you con to make your way between braddock road and 66. lanes are open inbound new york avenue coming past bladensburg road with no incidents to
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report towards the third street tunnel. traffic at colesville road headed out to the trader joe's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the new martin luther king memorial was unveiled earlier this month in august actually. there is controversy over one of its inscriptions. >> it is coming from one of the advisors of the memorial. roz plater has more on this. >> reporter: one sid of the 30- foot granite statue of dr. martin luther king, jr. read. of his a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness. it is parafreed from a sermon he gave two months before his assassination when he speculated about how he might be thought of. this is the actual quote: reknowned poet and author maya angelou was on the council who consulted on the memorial. but she told the "washington post" that taking that quote
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out of its con takes text makes dr. king sound like, quote an arrogant twit. out at the memorial site, most visitors disagreed. >> martin luther king, jr. juan an arrogant man and i don't think anyone would take the quote to mean that he was arrogant. >> it speak to his values and what he believed in. i don't see how it reflects negatively on him at all. >> reporter: including la vonna smith who took part in the march on washington. >> they are still saying what he said. if you want to say something about me, say that up there and they are saying it. i don't think -- there is nothing arrogant about martin luther king. >> reporter: but louis hicks says context is important. he is and historian and director of the alexandria black history museum. >> it would have been better to have captured the entire essence of the statement so you got the full meaning of what he was saying rather than just a snippet. >> reporter: still, the memorial project stands by the
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quote n a statement, the executive architect says the foundation feels comfortable with the choices we needed to make based on the space available and the messages we wanted to convey to visit ires on. we have no plans to alter the memorial. i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. the end of an era for one legendary local establish machine. up next on fox 5 morning news. it's piece of capitol hill history about to close its doors but not by choice. coming up next, we'll hear from the owner and some of the patrons.
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ocean city took a big hit because of hurricane irene. it is estimated that he lost about $1.5 million in sales tax revenue and $150,000 in withholding attacks after the evacuation of the resort town. officials say they lost about $60,000 in gas tax revenue because weekend trips to the beach were canceled and about $45,000 in toll revenue also lost with the cars off the road. >> a big hit. one of d.c.'s most historic irish bars is closing its doors. >> the how can and dove opened in 1967 on capitol hill. the owner says they are not
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leaving by choice. stacy cohan with more. >> okay. everybody, what bar are we going to after the hawk and dove close? >> reporter: after more than 35 years of pouring beers here, james is looking for work. most hawk and dove staff have been here over a quarter century. opper stuart long is scrambling to help his help as long just lost his hees. >> they found somebody that would pay more. so basically, they put me on the curb. >> reporter: aside from beers and burgers, the pub is known for its powerful patrons. >> this one and this one is a -- in. >> and at this restaurant, they are both here together.
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>> we hope something can continue. it should be real hawk and dove. >> the real heart of the hawk and dove is not just with power player but in their role as the heart of this community. >> this is a place where people come and socialize. >> reporter: conrad cheeks often drops by for food. >> they never look down on me because i was poor and homeless. >> reporter: the bar is no longer welcome here and the final happy hour is one month away. for stuart long, it may be one of the most unhappy hours of his life. >> hard, sad, very sad. >> reporter: stacy cohan, fox 5 news. >> certainly a capitol hill staple right there across from the u.s. capitol. the hawk and dove named due to the vietnam war debate
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raging when it opened in 1967. the bar's new owner plans to close and renovate the place but they say it will reopen under the same name. a piece of that history will stay stay. he went looking for foe mate owes from his backyard garden. instead, he found sacks of money, more than $100,000. >> why can't i find that when i go into the garden? >> you need to plant more tomatoes. >> i guess so. >> reporter: the white house and congressional republicans are back at it again. this time, they are fighting over president's job speech, not about what it says but when he will say it. how they worked this all out coming up. wesed am
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take a look outside. there is the washington monument on the left of your screen. >> there is a little bit of breaking news coming in right now. there was an aftershock apparently this morning. another earthquake afteralcoholic shock, 3.4 magnitude at 5:09 this morning so just about 20 minutes or so ago. it was located four miles south- southeast of mineral, virginia. now, of course, a lot of us probably didn't feel that. we didn't feel anything sitting here. keep that in mind as we con to feelafter shocks a few day out,
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about a week out from that earthquake we had originally. we're glad you are with us on this thursday morning. we want to get the late he have on the school situation. some better news here. >> all students in calvert and st. mary's schools will return to class on time today. in prince george's county glenarden woods is only school without full power. we can expect an announcement on the school status by 6:30 this morning. autopsy arundel county, still seven schools closed because of no power. pepco is down to 133 outages. bge has about 28,240 customers in the dark. and smeco reports almost 7900 outages. >> now, we can check with tucker barnes and get a look at the forecast which is good news. >> it will be beautiful later this afternoon with plenty of sunshine and temperatu
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in the mid-80s. >> beautiful. let's keep it there for the time being. is it time for fall yet? >> yes. let's take a look at our satellite picture. we have just a little cloudiness streaming through up towards pittsburgh. it is possible we could see a shower later today or even tonight. best chance of that will be out to the west. here in wash, i think, generally dry with a few more clouds in the forecast. we could squeeze out a sprinkle maybe later ton. let's do temperature at reagan national -- we could squeeze out a sprinkle maybe later tonight. forecast for today couldn't be nicer for the first day of september. highs later this afternoon with partly to mostly sunny skies, 85 degrees. >> kids are going to have a great day to hang out at the bus stop waiting for the bus. >> i'm sure they will. >> let's check in with julie
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wright. >> did you have fun hanging out at the bus stop waiting for the bus? >> i was thinking the same thing. i didn't have fun. >> it was me and my brother hanging out waiting for the bus. it was a time when i got to meet up on my brother and my mom didn't know. >> in my family, it was just the reverse. lanes are open on business 234 headed in towards centerville. traffic volume on the beltway much improved now. overnight construction in the hot leap zone at tyson's now cleared. no incidents to report south on 270 coming out of hyattstown. volume is increasing. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. president obama's one-day delay of his jobs and economy speech will put him head to
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head with the nf almost. the president agreed to schedule his address on september 8th after house speak her john boehner said no to the 7th. that doesn't mean it is conflict-free though. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the reason the republicans balked at the president's choice of dates for his jobs speech is that this comes on the same night as the gop presidential debate. but republicans' choice of dates wasn't much better. it is the next night and the opening of the nfl season. so the battle seemingly less about policy and more about petty politics. the president announced yesterday that he wanted to address a join session of congress on september 7th for his much-anticipated jobs speech. it wasn't long then before house speaker john banner respond wade no, suggesting september 8th, the debut of the nfl season. the white house says this is always about rescuing the economy and not politics so they agreed to gop demand to change the date. now, the white house is scrambling to find a time that
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works when football fans won't be tuning out. >> the preis elevating the importance of this speech. it better be a hum ding are and have in new sin -- innovative ideas -- it better be a humdinger and have some new ideas in it or they we'll say you could have done this anywhere. >> reporter: after agreeing to change the date the white house retorted in a statement saying the president is focused on the urgent need to create jobs and grow our economy. that is the latest here from
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capitol hill. back to you. what is being called a bizarre case of road rage a silver spring man says he was assaulted by a driver. police say the man followed him, rammed into his car, then attacked him about live downed power lines. this happened near the intersection of brewster and worth avenue sunday. the victim does not want to be identified but talked with us. >> for the third time, he backed up and smashed into the back and then tried pushing my car forward into the power lines. >> he says the suspect then grabbed two life power lines and attempted to throw them on to the car. the suspect is a d.c. lawyer. police say alcohol played a role in this. now to reports of another strange attack. this one was in alexandria. a federal law enforcement officer is charged with assaulting a medic and police officer. this happened monday at a home on tidesview court. investigators say julie lab choked the medic and caked police officer who was trying
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to restrain her. the responders had been called out to attend to another person would was hurt in a fall. more crack in the washington monument. that story is coming up next. so you a legendary television game show host upset about a planned deer hunt here in our area. we'll explain how he is trying to fight that. a planned megamerger between two cell phone giants but could it be bad for customers. we'll hear what the justice department thinks about that.
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last week's earthquake may have causedded some hidden leaks in the washington monument. they sealed cracks but discovered water inside the monument after hurricane irene. the spokesperson says there were puddle on stairwells towards the top of the monument. engineers are searching for the source of the leak but they say the monument is structurally sound. today for the first time since the earthquake the national cathedral will be open for news reporters to take a tour and update the damage. the damage from the quake will keep the cathedral closed to the public though for at least another week. the 5.8 magnitude quick that we felt caused three of of the four spires in the cathedral to break offer. officials hope to reopen the church in time for the commemorative events on the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. former price is right host and animal rights activist bob barker fighting to save deer in rockville. he wrote a letter to city
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residents urging them to fight an organized deer hundred to try to control the deer population. it reads in part, quote: the proposed hunt is facing another big obstacle though that it is the law. a rockville city ordinance did not allow people to discharge firearms within the city limit. two of the biggest cell phone companies in the country, at&t and t-mobile want to merge but the department of justice is suing to block the deal. they say the $39 billion buyout of t-mobile will reduce competition and raise prices for customers. at&t claims not only will nobody at eager company's call centers lose their jobs, it will actually bring 5,000 jobs back to the u.s. still, the justice department says consumers usually suffer from a lack of competition in the market. >> consumers across the country including those in rural areas
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and those with lower incomes have benefited from competition among the nation's wireless carriers, particularly from among the four remaining national wireless carriers. >> those companies are verizon, at&t, sprint and t-mobile. all four make up more than 90% of the wireless market. what would you do if you found sack of cash in your backyard. more than $100,000. still ahead, a man who had to mca pretty big decision. the redskins get ready to chose out the pre-season. we'll check in with the sports junkies. snowstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes. we'll hear how the farmer's almanac ranks our area. stay with us. we'll be right back. a
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we take a look out over d.c. this morning. it is a nice start to the day. it will enup a nice day as well. should an great afternoon. as we flash back to some miserable times that we have had here minister world of we are in the nation's capital this might not comes a vice to
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you. the 2012 farmer's almanac has named d.c. the biggest weather wimp in the country. >> the publication came one the top 10 cities where weather can shut down everyday life. right at the top d.c., chicago, atlanta, new york city and l.a. round out the top five. and you can see the rest there as well. you got dallas, boston and st. louis, buffalo at number 10. because buffalo, they deal with it. >> i'm he a little surprised chicago is that high on the list because they're used to it. they get a lot of the snow and wind. >> the idea behind it, this is where weather supposedly affects these cities more than other as in how we react to them as in the quarter inch of snow shuts down the city. >> you get a lot of people that may be not originally from this area and i think that contributes to it. >> a lot of transplants from the south. >> you have the road system. before talked about the -- it is difficult to keep up with
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just the amount of people that we have here to begin with. i guess you could say we're kind of of wimpy here about it, some people. >> or you can say we're number one and just be proud about the fact that we won another national survey. >> i think we're tough. we put up with the -- a few years ago, we had 60 inches of snow. >> you complained about it every minute of every day though. >> steve. >> well we'll leave it to the farmer's almanac. you can debate this. >> you tell them to call me up. want a word with them. i say wear tough. >> i don't think it is about you though. i think it is about how as a city we respond as we shut school when we have adusting of snow and other cities across the country don't. >> tucker just hates the
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farmer's almanac. >> that's it. i'm not feeling it. a few clouds mild temperature. temperature in the low to mid- 60s. just kidding. let's get to the current numbers at reagan national. we are 67 at reagan national right now. 52349 gaithersburg. nice-hooking start to the day. no weather wimps around. 61 in martinsburg. 63 in winchester. going to be a beautiful day. we are expecting highs in the 80s. we have low humidity so just another nice looking afternoon. a few clouds off to the south and east. that is about it. here in washington, we look fantastic. off to the north and west, we have a little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity. it is possible a few of these showers could slip later today into some of our western viewing areas so if you are out in western maryland out towards hagerstown, west virginia, you might get a brief shower and it is possible a few sprinkles my make it into the washington area late are tonight. that is the worst of this forecast over the next couple of days as we'll be dry with
5:49 am
plenty of sunshine. want to take you down into the gulf of mexico because the national hurricane center putting a lot of question mark up about this area of disturbed weather. they don't think it will develop today but over the next few days, likely to be a tropical depression if not a tropical storm. we have to watch this area and we also have katia. did i get this right? i think you were close enough. >> i'm struggling with that one. partly sunny skies. 58 your daytime high with winds out of the south at five miles per hour. later tonight, partly cloudy skies. could be a shower, 66. the overnight low wind out of the south at five miles per hour. the five-day forecast, let's talk weekend. most of the weekend dry. i threw a thunderstorm up saturday, sunday, monday the thinking is with the summery air mass, we'll have a few pop- up storms. if you have outdoor plans, i
5:50 am
wouldn't cancel them based on this forecast. julie wright has your latest. >> don't think that steve chenevey's comment about people south not being able to handle snow went over my head. i got you on that. you will find southbound 270 lanes are open out of hyattstown. traffic slowing south of 109 headed out towards the scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it is time to share today's my fox half off deal. you can get up to 57% off baked goods at rolling pip bakery. that is in bladensburg. you spend $18 to get $42 worth of gourmet cupcakes. that sounds good. log onto and look for high fox -- my fox half off on the right side of our home page.
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skins and the bucs face off in the final pre-season game tonight. let's check in with the sports junkies, 106.7 the fan. >> before we talk redskins, we stared a fire storm here just a few minutes ago with this story as to whether or not d.c. has the greatest weather wimps in the entire country as the 2012 farmer's almanac claims as in our lives are affected more by things like a dusting of snow on the ground and we shut the city down. tucker says we're not wimps, we man up. >> i say we're wimps. >> i would go towards wimps. you see two or three inches of snow. people in buffalo or cleveland, they will laugh at that. this entire region, there is gridlock and people panic. >> when it rains here traffic is ridiculous. >> we know tucker is not a wimp. the sea foam king. >> your boy is not a wimp.
5:52 am
i man up. >> i give tucker credit for his weekend performance. >> wait a second, steve. this guy missed a show once because there was ice. he couldn't get his car up his hill. >> i also chased tornadoes so you zip it. >> i give you cede feat that. >> point-counterpoint -- >> i give you cede feat that. >> let's talk about manning up. redskins are going to have to man up ton. final pre-season game, final test. not like other games where the fourth game, you are playing the fifth stricken. what are we going to learn tonight? >> i don't know that we'll learn that much. it looks like beck will start. i don't think he will tip his happened until very close to that first game who the starter will be. a lot of people are saying it looks like beck. we're in the going to know. if i were that control freak, i wouldn't put one of my starter in peril in this game.
5:53 am
i would trot out all the guys that are still battling. i'm going to let all the guys rest. >> i'm officially bored with the pre-season. week four of the pre-season is awful. i know we got to talk about t i've already done two fantasy football drafts. >> did you take any redskins in. >> i did not take any redskins. i was going to take hightower but went in the fisk round so i slept on him. -- in the fifth round so i slept on him. >> the man crush on laron landry. is he going to play? >> i don't think he is going to play top. the redskins are doing something different. last year, they handled the malcolm kelly situation so poorly, they are trying to avoid that with laron landry and some of another guys. they want to wait until he is
5:54 am
100% before they let him go full speed and i think they are gearing towards the first game. >> i like the cautious approach but an achilles injury for a guy that is as explosive as laron landry is, that worries me. we drop know. we don't get real detailed information from redskin park about this. >> i get nervous when you hear a guy projecting surgery after the season before soap even starts. >> i agree with you. yesterday, i hay chance to listenen i had to head down to a story in under maryland. i appreciate the shout out on the trivia yesterday where the battening down of the hatches. >> you get credit. >> i still don't know the proper noun, verb. >> there is always one that can go either way. dew appreciate that, guys. enjoy the game tonight if you are going to watch. we'll talk soon. >> hopefully, you are out at the batting cages for the wounded warrior celebrity softball.
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>> i'm glad you mentioned that. hopefully we can talk about that more. we'll see out sunday. it will be a great event. the junkies at 106.7 the fan. >> we'll be right back.
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money doesn't grow on trees but maybe it does grow in the guarden. >> an illinois man said he found $100000 in his backyard. he was cook a roast on monday and thought some veggies would go nice with the meal. he spotted several bag on his lawn that and to be litter. he looked inside and it was cash. did he ever think about keeping it? >> i thought that but i dp know who was going to get it. somebody is going to come back when you leave that money in the backyard. i didn't want to have nothing to do with it. it could be i bank robbery. i could get caught. >> he turned the money over to the local sheriff's department. police are say the waiting to see if anybody claims it. >> he is probably right. just report it and stay away from it. stay with us, everyone. we'll be right back.
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